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01-28-2012, 04:33 PM
AoA Senior members,

I went to the sunday market in karachi last week.. saw some Dakhni teetar thr. They were hugh in size i never saw any of them while hunting.. still i was confused if they were irani or dakhni teetar as i would' nt believe at those sellers ... so i would like to know what is the difference between IRANI and DAKHNI teetar... whose voice is better... and most of all...
what would be the price of both... including middle age and full adult with great health...
also mention thr price difference please... and whose demand is more?

Thank you all members..

01-28-2012, 04:37 PM
one thing more i would like to mention.. that the sellers were saying it is tame it will speak on thr voice and they will open thr cage and it will not fly or run.... one was demanding 4000 for a single dakhni teetar and it was really good in health and size.. while other were demanding 3000 for a pair which were not that much good in size but were as usual..

01-30-2012, 06:59 PM
I'm a newbie to francolin keeping and got some information from internet and this forum. Do search for "teetar" on this forum and you can see many threads discussing about teetars, their diet and breeding etc.
Dakhni and Irani are bigger in size than Desi/Sindhi teetars. Irani teetars are lighter in color than Dakhni, they are relatively hard to find and cost is high.
These teetars are used for fighting purpose also, teetars from good fighting strains cost very high. Unlike black francolings they're not kept just for their voice but they do have a very beautiful voice. Beware of the fraudulents in Sunday market, you can see pair of Wild caught Sindhi teetars being traded for 1500 to 2000 too. My advice is to go for 2-3 months old dakhni or irani chicks. I've bought a pair of dakhni chicks in August last year for 2200 Rs. from Haji Sahab in Sunday market. He is an elderly person coming to Sunday market for many years being accompanied by his son and grandson. He sell adult grey francolins and chicks during the season. When you keep chicks you can easly tame them. Most of the male teetars speak on whistle because teetar pair do speak in tandem and the female make sounds like whistle which is accompanied by male's voice. You can check my teetar chicks pics here:http://birdsplanet.com/forum/showthread.php?27017-My-Grey-Francolin-Chicks&highlight=teetar. You can contact following members for more information on francolins: @MuhammadArshad (http://birdsplanet.com/forum/member.php?u=6773) , @Sir jee (http://birdsplanet.com/forum/member.php?u=7061) , @Jatt (http://birdsplanet.com/forum/member.php?u=7108) and @dnkhan (http://birdsplanet.com/forum/member.php?u=6055) .

03-17-2012, 08:57 AM
bhai.. Price of an Adult pair of Irani is 10K.. and Dakhni is 8K.. pure breed.. so if u were getting it for 4 to 3.. they might be any of these.. difference b/w irani and Dakhni is just of colour and some shade patterns of there tail..
Irani's r lighter in colour.. more likely to light brown and white.. and some are yellowish and brownish .. they differ in accordance of the origin they are found.
and Dakhni's are Darker in colour.. they are of same size like Iranis and there colour gets like Reddish brown in pattern of Wings and tails..
Now comes the matter of Shikar..
Bro even i had never found any of these on my hunting trip.. I had done Shikar in Sindh, Punjab and even balochistan.. but no where i found such size of teetars.. so when i asked abt it from A breeder he told me that.,, these birds are not Pakistani.. Yess not pakistani.. They are in Pakistan from a long tym but in Captivity.. and so on they are coming to us..
Dakni.. is actually from Hydrabad daccan and its even called Hydrabadi Francolin .. u can even google it if u wanna confirm it for ur knowledge.. and Irani is Found on the Borders of Iran and pakistan.. even some areas of balochistan but they vanished because of peoples like us ;-),...

03-17-2012, 02:51 PM
billoodada well explain, thanks you shared nice information.

03-19-2012, 07:48 AM
bhai 1 more thing.. bolar.. we call.. us k bolny ko .. bhai bolney mai awaz sab se tez desi ki hoti hai .. and i guess acha wahi bolta or bolti hai..I mean here male and female more speaks very frequently...
or in ki price in ki awaz per judge nahi krty.. we see their hight lengths ,their eyes, their sparing power, their legs, their activeness, their bloodline, their stanza and many more expert sights...
wesy desi ka pair is abt 1500, dakni is abt 8k and irani's are abt the same price but some breeders cost more for irani...

there purpose is generally for pets.. and if we keep them in fights.,, then for that they need to be prepared from there child hood.. some little exercises..a light massage ,, some secret desi steroids and and a special diet.. and a fighting bird may goes around for 50k and so on..

07-26-2015, 10:03 AM
Assalam-o-alaiqum to all .@ billoodada :- bhai aap ke sari batain thek hain .or me manta hn .listen bhai bolny me sb se achee awaz dasi ke nhe hoti .theak hai dasi ke awaz bareek hoti hai . meny dasi jtna taiz bolny waly dakhni dakhy hain 2007 me mery pas dakhni tha jo bolny me dasi jtni speed rkhta tha.me pchlay 17 saal se tetar rkh rha hn .bray bray aala nasal k tetron k joray k bchay apny parients jtna nhe boltay or bray bray gtya tetron k bchay bray bolar b hotay hain .meny apni aankhn se dkha hai .acay tetron me buray or buray tetron me achay pada hotay hain.in ke legs pe jain to kuch log chors nali wala tetar pasand krtay hain kuch khushk nali wala pasand krtay hain .jbkay goal nali wala tetar acha nhe smja jata .mery pas goal nali wala tetar hai jo sara din bolta hai .phir logon ke ustadian kahan gain .