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Birds Planet Rules and Regulations
Golden Rules:

As such does not run by any kind of rules instead it is controlled by the people who put themselves into the making of arduous judgment calls.
Most of the rules or guidelines presented below have been dashed off just to improve the quality of the website. A few of the guidelines appear to be more prohibitive therefore they function as rules. The rules narrated below are in two forms – Compulsory and cardinal.

Compulsory Rules:
Members are issued only one account each. If someone identified to have more than one accounts; will be band permanently.
Members are not allowed to make personal attacks or abusing other members. Attack the message – not the messenger. Similarly criticize the ideas – not the people.
Try to avoid excessive foul language. Swearing and nuisance are strictly prohibited on this board since it is a family-oriented site.
Any kind of flaming content or post is strictly prohibited. If you have any complaints about a post, you are directed to communicate the same through PM or email to
If found any inflammatory or abusing post, it would be removed straightaway or edited. The offending party would receive no more than two private warnings via PM/E-Mail or one final administration warning. If the practice continues, the member will be banned for a week. And if the incident nonetheless continues happening repeatedly, the member would face a permanent ban.
Advertising and Promotion
All posts that have advertising and promotion content (commercial) nature ARE not allowed on BirdsPlanet forums.
External links to commercial websites with the intent to profit and/or promote a commercial entity are not allowed.
Repeated offense by any member will be deemed as an act of purpose violation of our Terms of Use and we reserves the right to ban offenders from using this forums without prior notice.

Cardinal Rules:

We here at want a friendly courteous community with no personal attacks or abusing.
Posts are to be posted in their respective forums like the posts for the “selling a bird” should be posted in the ‘Birds for Sale’ forum. Your posts would receive better responses if posted in the right forums.
Always use descriptive subject lines and do research your post prior to posting.
This reduces the chances of double-posting. Before the posting, do scan the previous posts to make sure if the same content is already posted.
Always respect the privacy of others. Do not post the contact information of others like phone numbers, addresses or pictures without their prior permission.

Do not spam, post commercial-oriented posts and useless content

Signatures Guidelines:

The below mentioned signature guidelines are to be taken into consideration carefully:
Signatures have to be no longer than 3 lines
Signatures may contain a link to your personal website
Signatures carry the same rules applied to posts i.e. no inflammatory content, no swearing, no personal attacks or no adult material are to be posted on the forums.
If you are found violating the above mentioned guidelines, you would be asked to change your signature. If you fail to do so, we have the right to change it. These guidelines are much easier to understand and follow and we do hope to see you following the same to make the community run smooth.