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    South American Mix

    The popularity of the South American Parrots is there for all to see. They are worldwide favourites in aviaries and make a delightful hand reared pet. In fact they make better pets than most Australian parrots! They are now more affordable for the pet buying public and hobby aviculturalists.
    Conures (Aratinga sp, Pyrrhua sp.) Macaws (Ara sp.), Amazons (Amazona sp.) Quakers (Myopsitta sp.) and Caiques (Pionites sp.) are rapidly becoming part of the Australian bird scene. We need to look carefully at their diets and nutrition to ensure we give them the best feed we can.
    Vetafarm have released the South American Mix, which is an extruded diet designed for a range of South American parrots.

    Is there a difference between South American Mix and other pelleted diets? Yes a lot!

    South American Birds need extra fatty acids and amino acids for them to do well in captivity. To get the required levels we need to utilise those feed ingredients that most closely resemble what the birds naturally eat. An ideal ingredient available in Australia is peanut meal. Peanut meal has a high protein level (46%) and a great amino acid balance (ideal for protein building) including good levels of Histidine and Lysine.

    The oils within the meal also have a good balance of fatty acids. Linoleic acid is essential for good egg production, embryo survival, hatchability and more importantly chick growth. Diets with less than 1 % of Linoleic acid are implicated in poor chick immunity, slow growth and reduced organ function. The South American Mix contains 1.2% Linoleic acid.
    By cooking the peanut with a range of other selected whole grains (including corn, soybean and rice) we can create a diet that fulfils the requirements of the South American birds. Naturally there are interspecies variations, but within the confines of practicality the South American Mix provides an ideal diet for these birds.
    The leading bird food manufacturers around the world consider extrusion processing the ideal way to cook bird pellets. No one accepts that the “cold press” pellet method is suitable for parrots. Vetafarm have manufactured via the extrusion process since 1991. With the increase in scientific knowledge regarding feeding caged birds (that came with the explosion in veterinary interest in bird medicine through the 90’s and into this millennium) the improved nutrition within extruded pellets has been reflected in birds on the perch. More and more breeders are accepting that their busy lifestyles do not allow them hours every day preparing feed for their birds. They accept that the basis of good health is a good basic diet, which is what they get when they use Vetafarm feeds.
    The excellent results we have had when feeding extruded pellets in Australia allow Vetafarm to create new diets with confidence. Better feathering, more fledged chicks, less disease and importantly less mess in the aviary are regularly reported by breeders who feed Vetafarm extruded pellets. . To use a quote from a respected Sydney parrot breeder..” people who visit my aviaries comment on how good my birds look, and the only thing I have changed is the diet, Vetafarm Pellets”.
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