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Thread: Signs and Symptoms of Illness in Cockaties

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    Signs and Symptoms of Illness in Cockaties

    First things first, before you can solve the problem, you have to know what it is. So, how do you tell if your cockatiel is actually sick? Well, in giving some attention to your bird everyday, youíve probably become quite familiar with what is normal for you little buddy, and paying that attention is your best defense, because youíll be able to notice when something isnít right.

    Here are the signs of illness that you should look out for:
    ē Weight: Is your cockatiel eating and drinking as much as usual. Birds donít store extra fat Ė unless they have a bad diet Ė so any weight loss can be serious, and thatís before you find out whatís causing the weight loss.
    ē Breathing: Is your cockatiel breathing normally? The breathing should look easy and comfortable, and straining for breath is obviously a bad sign. You might even see your birdís tail feathers bobbing up and down as it strains for breath.
    ē Over Sleeping and Resting: Cockatiels donít sleep all day unless theyíre sick Ė think about it, you donít want to be stuck in bed all day if youíre raring to go, and feeling great, do you? The same goes for sitting around all day, if your cockatiel is just sat there looking depressed, something is wrong.
    ē Fluffed up feathers: Are your cockatielís feathers fluffed up all the time, like itís trying to keep warm? Itís just like you curling up under a duvet when youíre feeling under the weather.
    ē Gunky Eyes or Nostrils: The eyes and nostrils should always be clean and clear. If your cockatiel has discharge coming from either, thatís not good.
    ē Quiet: Has your little guy stopped talking and singing to you? When such a sociable animal canít be bothered to interact with its family, you know somethingís wrong.
    ē Runny/Bloody Poop or Dirty Bottom: A stomach upset isnít hard to spot. If your birdís droppings are runny, or their vent is smeared with poop, youíve got a problem. If your cockatielís droppings are discolored black or red, it means thereís blood in there Ė this could be anything from internal injury to tumors.
    ē Strange Lumps: Speaking of tumors, strange lumps on your birdís body are a great cause for concern, and need immediate attention.
    ē Disorientation: Your cockatiel appears drunk, confused, or unbalanced.
    ē Bleeding: Shocking news, bleeding is bad. If your cockatiel has picked up a cut or scrape, it needs cleaning up. But if your cockatiel has managed to injure a blood feather, they could bleed to death without immediate treatment.
    ē Lame Wing and Legs: Iíve left the most obvious one until last. If your cockatiel has a leg or wing hanging down uselessly, theyíve managed to injure themselves.
    Itís important to check your cockatiel each day for signs of illness, injury or disease. You see, birds are very good at hiding it when theyíre sick, because the weak member of the flock is most likely to get singled out by predators. That means that by the time your cockatiel looks sick, itís probably feeling very bad.
    Preventing Illness
    Obviously, itís far better to prevent illness than to treat it Ė this is especially true with birds, where so many illnesses get serious very quickly.
    Your best defense against illness and disease is good hygiene, good diet, regular exercise, and daily social interaction. Basically, everything your cockatiel needs to stay happy Ė the bare essentials of being a responsible cockatiel owner.
    Good care wonít prevent your cockatiel from ever getting sick or injured, but it will cut down the chances dramatically.
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    Re: Signs and Symptoms of Illness in Cockaties

    Wonderful share jamil bhai. Two thumbs up
    Sirf Ehsas e Nidamat, ik sajda aur Chashm e Tar....
    Aey Khuda kitna aasan hai manana tujh ko....
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    Re: Signs and Symptoms of Illness in Cockaties

    nice post jamil bhai...
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    Re: Signs and Symptoms of Illness in Cockaties

    Informative. Jazakallah
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